Devine Design! Falling in Love with Fall Colors

We are all well aware that decor in green and red have been on sale since Labor Day. But October and November are all about the soothing tones of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Color theory brings more than just what colors look best together, but rather why we use them in the first place. IMG_2161.JPG

Deep reds infuse romance and love. Dull oranges symbolize wisdom and the mind (think about Tibetan Monks and their robes!) A vibrant yellow shows vitality and energy. Fall is here with all the flavors of life, reflection, and a moment to pause and let your mind relax to be thankful for the years we have left our mark and those who have touched our hearts.

And you know the colors you want to use are working when you feel the effects. I have to admit, searching through and selecting fall foliage was a relaxing feeling -- so much that an extra cup of coffee here and there was needed to complete the design.

But that's what's beautiful about this piece. The message and feeling is natural for a massage parlor and tells that story in color.