Devine Design: Passe Chocolate Company

Anyone who knows me, knows I love art deco and trains. With an assignment final from Package Design being a mock chocolate company from Chicago - and required using a "past artistic style," - one of my favorite design motifs was a natural choice. I wanted the rich flavor of chocolate to express rich heritage of metropolitan life from the 1930s and 40s. the skyline in the artwork was originally from logo designs. You can check some of the sketches by clicking here. However, I soon saw mixing a heavily illustrated logo with a heavy illustrated layout was quickly throwing everything off balance. Ensuring my time was not wasted on the skyline, it instead became a nice backdrop for the train, creating depth and rhythm throughout a sweeping landscape for the bars.

passe bar 1

This artwork became a brand of the bar itself, and for the variety of a "dark chocolate" bar, I turned to cooler colors for a "midnight" dark feel.

illus passe dark