Sketchbook Sunday: March 9, 2014

Sketching is essential. No rules, just ideas. Every Sunday, I love to showcase what my brain is flexing to keep the ideas fluid. From client work to creative concepts, there’s an element of surprise to the options of work to be seen! Logos will often take multiple directions, trying to home in on designs that communicate a brand’s message. This client needed a quick turnaround not only for the identity, but some presentation collateral to kick-start his house appraisal company. For the logo, he supplied us something he found on the web:  a simple drawing of a tape measure wrapped around a house.  What’s great is that while the image was simple and far from the end result he wanted, he had the gears already moving to knowing what he needed his brand to display.

Overall, there were more than 20 sketches of logos for Mr. Seibel to choose from.

Some were simple, with a few house embellishments.

logo sketches 1

Some included a few shapes and design interests. Notably, more in the tape measurement direction with circular motions.

sb 140308 2

Ultimately, the design route went back to keeping the “tape measure” tied to a house, promoting the message of his company. Soon, curves were either “swooshing” or surrounding a house. I wanted something in the logo to create 1) motion, and 2) a pinpoint of interest.

After review, Mr. Seibel selected this one, which too, was my favorite.

sb 140308 3

From the sketch, the refined logo was created with some adjustments.

sb 140308 logo 1

The client also needed an additional logo for his services within the business.  Keeping the main brand of the original logo, the initials were stylized with the services in the title below.

sb 140308 logo 2